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17:00 18/10/2023

Discover the riches of our editor ✨

  1. Read on to better understand the functionalities you can test with this demo.

💡 Did you know that…

  • CKEditor is customizable. You can fine-tune the set of enabled plugins, available toolbar buttons, and the behavior of features.
  • The editor supports @mentions. Start typing @An to see available suggestions.
  • You can paste content from Word or Google Docs, retaining the original document structure and formatting.
  • Thanks to Import from Word Import from Word, you can convert a DOCX document into HTML and edit it in CKEditor 5.
  • You can export your document to PDF Export to PDF or Word Export to Word with a single click.
  • This demo showcases CKBox Browse files to manage images and other files. You can enable your own upload adapter instead.
  • 🚀 Autoformatting in CKEditor 5

Some features of CKEditor 5 might be hard to spot at first glance. Thanks to autoformatting, you can use handy shortcuts in the editor to format the text on the fly:

Block formattingBulleted listStart a line with * or - followed by a space.
Numbered listStart a line with 1. or 1) followed by a space.
To-do listStart a line with [ ] or [x] followed by a space to insert an unchecked or checked list item.
HeadingsStart a line with #, ##, or ### followed by a space to create a heading 1, heading 2, or heading 3.
Block quoteStart a line with > followed by a space.
Code blockStart a line with ```.
Horizontal lineStart a line with ---.
Inline formattingBoldType ** or __ around your text.
ItalicType * or _ around your text.
CodeType ` around your text.
StrikethroughType ~~ around your text.



  1. VSCode Marketplace: Go to the VSCode Marketplace and browse through the "Themes" category. You can find the most popular and highly-rated themes there, and you can also see when they were last updated.
  2. Online Reviews and Articles: Look for articles and reviews on popular tech blogs and websites. Developers often share their favorite themes, and these articles can provide insights into the latest and most popular options.
  3. Social Media and Developer Forums: You can also check out what themes other developers are using by browsing through forums like Reddit (r/vscode) or by following discussions on Twitter and other social media platforms.
  4. Trial and Error: The best way to find the theme that works best for you is to try a few different ones. VSCode makes it easy to switch themes, so you can quickly switch between them and see which one feels most comfortable for your eyes and workflow.
  5. Customization: Remember that most themes in VSCode are highly customizable. You can often adjust the colors and styles to suit your preferences, so even if a theme isn't perfect out of the box, you can tailor it to your liking.
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